Our Broadband

The options for the type of broadband available to your home depends on the area you live in.

You may have Part-Fibre, also known as 'Fibre to the Cabinet' (FTTC), which is okay, but not great. You could have Full Fibre, also know as 'Fibre to the Premises' (FTTP), which is better. However, if you are lucky, you will have either Bink Full Fibre or Bink Air Fibre. Which are the BEST!!

Below we break down the differences between each of these

Lets start with the Best....BINK Full Fibre and Bink Air Fibre

At BINK we are building our own private fibre broadband network starting in Llanelli. Because we own the network, connected directly to your house, we can guarantee the speed and quality of the broadband connection...and that's why it's the best!!

For those harder to reach locations we are using the latest wireless technology to provide Gigabit speeds to customers wirelessly.

We are hard at work expanding both our direct fibre and air fibre networks, but don't worry if we haven't got to your area yet, we also offer 'Full Fibre' and 'Standard Fibre' packages in the meantime and will keep you updated on our progress.

Next up, is Full Fibre

Although the connection to your house is Full Fibre, providing higher speeds than Standard Fibre, this is connected via Openreach, which introduces some speed restrictions. So it's good, but its not BINK good!!

Finally there is Standard Fibre

This is also connected to our network via Openreach, however the Fibre connection only goes as far as the green cabinet you see on the road side. From there it is connected to your house via a copper cable, which seriously affects connection speed and quality

Don't "Think" Broadband - "Bink" Broadband