Price Guarantee

Our Price Guarantee:

Normally a contract for Broadband for residential and small business customers means that the price you pay will stay the same for the duration of your minimum contract term and then increase to a significantly costlier option. With Bink Broadband we guarantee that you will never pay more than any other customer for the same product. No new customer discounts, no special offers, just constant fair pricing forever. Not only that, but at the same time we don’t lock you in for a set period of time. Our contracts are 30 day rolling contracts, which mean that you can give us 30 days’ notice at any time if you wish to leave or change your supplier.

When you take your package with us, we will provide you with a future proof router, meaning that if you can't currently get fibre broadband at your property, when it is rolled out in your area you won't need to worry about changing your router, the one we provide you with will support the change to fibre.

So, our prices are fixed, you aren’t tied in to a minimum term and you get a future proof router which best suits your needs. To check what packages, speeds and prices are available for your home address, go to our postcode checker on the main screen and input your details.

"Don’t think Broadband - Bink Broadband”.